Happy Diwali Wishes In Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam

Different colorful varieties of fireworks are always associated with this festival. On this auspicious day, people light up diyas and candles all around their house. They perform Laxmi Puja in the evening and seek divine blessings of Goddess of Wealth. The festival of Diwali is never complete without exchange of gifts. People greets, wishes and send for diwali to their near and dear ones.

Happy Diwali Wishes In Tamil

Diwali widely known as festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated all over the world with great piety and enthusiasm. Hindus find cause to celebrate this festival for different reasons. In the North, Diwali celebrates the return of Lord Rama, King of Ayodhya, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana from a 14-year exile and a war in which he vanquished the demon king Ravana. To celebrate this fest every Indian start it with Goddess Lakshmi Pooja, a symbol of prosperity, is worshipped. This year the Diwali is to celebrate on 31st October as a gazetted holiday in India.

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Deepangal Jolikka,
Pattaasu vedikka,
Pudhu Thuni Udhuththi,
Magizhchiyudan indrai naalai neengal kondada,
Yen Iniya Deepavali Vaazthukkal!
Happy Deepawali

“Nalla Ennangal”
Endra Deeba Vilakkai
Yettri Vaithu,
“Irul” Endra
Theemayai Azhippadhe
Intha Deepawali!
Happy Deepawali!

Ungal Vaalkayil
Thunbangal ellam karaindhu poga,
Olimayamaana Ethirgaalam pirakka,
Ninaithadhai ellam Saadhikka,
Indha Deepawali Tthirunaalil,
Magizhchiyudan en iniya vaalthukkalai thiraivaikiren!

Happy Diwali Wishes In Telugu


Mee jeevitam ROCKET anta ettuki edagaala..
Mee kalalu FLOWER POT la vikasinchaalani..
Mee inta navvulu BHOO CHAKRA la tiragaalani..
Mee bhaadhalanni LAXMI BOMB la pelaalani..
Koerutoo….DIWALI wishes to u all….
(Thanks to Kiran from India)

Mee inta velagaali Deepaawali kaantulu
Mee pedavula pai viriyaali chirunavvulu
Mee chenta vundaali dhana kanaka raasulu
Meeku andistunnaanu Diwali subhaakaankshalu!
(Thanks to Kiran from India)

Intintaa DEEPAVALI ..
choo chorry ..
yedhoo kavitha start cheyyabooyanu but raavadam leedu

Diwali Wishes In Malayalam


  • എല്ലാ മനുഷ്യര്ക്കും നന്മയുടെ പുതു വെളിച്ചം നല്കാന് ഒരു ദീപാവലി കൂടി കടന്നു വരുന്നു.. ഉള്ളിലുള്ള സ്നേഹമെന്ന വിളക്കിന് തിരിവെച്ചും സാഹോദര്യത്തിന്റെ ഒരായിരം പൂത്തിരികള് കത്തിച്ചും നമുക്കൊന്ന്നായി ഒരു മനസ്സോടെ കൊണ്ടാടാം .. ഏവര്ക്കും ഐശ്വര്യ പൂര്ണമായ ദീപാവലി ആശംസകള്
  • നന്മയുടെ തിരി തെളിച്ചെത്തുന്ന ദീപാവലിയുടെ വെളിച്ചം മങ്ങാതെ മനസ്സില് നിറയട്ടെ ..എല്ലാവര്ക്കും ഒരായിരം ദീപാവലി ആശംസകള്
  • തിൻമക്ക് മുകളിൽ നൻമയുടെ വിജയം കൺടതിൻറ്റ ഓർമ്മപുതുക്കലാണ് ദീപാവലി……
    ഏവർക്കും ദീപാവലി ആശംസകൾ<3<3<3<3<3

Every year on the dark nights of Diwali the sound of firecrackers announces the celebration of the favorite festival of Indians. Homes are decorated, sweets are distributed by everyone and thousands of lamps are lit to create a world of fantasy. Of all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is by far the most glamorous and important.

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The Diwali or Deepavali festival marks the victory of good over evil. The Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’ means  an array of lights and signifies the victory of brightness over darkness. So enjoy the most loved festival with full Indian traditional way and spread love and happiness for which the festival is known. Many people decorate their home and workplaces with tiny electric lights or small clay oil lamps. Bowls of water with candles and flowers floating on the surface are also popular decorations.

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